Carpets add beauty and style to any interior and are available in various colours and textures from neutral shades to vibrant colours in wool blend or man made construction.They provide sound insulation combined with energy saving properties, They are comfortable underfoot and are easy to maintain. Take a look at a small selection of our most popular domestic and commercial carpets with prices from £9.99 per square metre

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are an ideal alternative to broadloom carpet, particulaly in an office environment. Installation is much easier and cost effective even in fully furnished areas. They can be replaced individually if damaged and access to underfloor wiring is simple. Today\'s carpet tiles are available in a fantastic spectrum of colours, textures and designs and are produced by leading manufacturers such as Jhs, InterfaceFlor, Heuga and Burmatex. Supplied and fitted from £14.99 per square metre.

Natural Flooring

Natural flooring is available in sisal, grasses, coir and jute with variations of interesting weaves and natural shades which will compliment any contemporary or traditional interior. They are made 4 metres wide and require professional installation onto a quality underlay using a double stick system. Take a look at a small selection of our most popular ranges. Prices from £19.99 per square metre.


Carpet underlays provide an excellent base for a new carpet and will prolong the life of your carpet while also giving good sound insulation and energy saving qualities as well as being comfortable underfoot. PU underlays are one of the most popular on the market as they have excellent heat and sound insulation properties. They are made up of recycled foam so are environmentally friendly. Take a look at some of our Carpet, Wood and Laminate underlays below with prices from £1.99 per square metre excl. Vat

Wood and Laminate

Laminate flooring is an ideal flooring for the home as it provides a hard wearing & easy to maintain surface with a realistic appearance of many types of wood and tile. It is a great alternative to real wood at a reduced cost that will last for many years. Engineered wood flooring offers the perfect solution to a range of business, office or home settings. It consists of layered tiers of real hardwood pressed together and the surface can be sanded up to four or five times depending on its thickness. It comes in various forms and oak is one of the most popular choices.

Vinyl & Safety Flooring

Vinyl flooring is an ideal product for your kitchen and bathroom as it provides a clean and easy to maintain floor. Modern vinyls are realistic in their appearance, whether it is a wood or tile effect you are looking for. Take a look at a small selection of our most popular ranges which are available in 2, 3 & 4 metre widths and are rated as slip resistant. Prices from £18.99 per square metre. Also available is heavy duty safety flooring for commercial use .

Luxury Vinyl Tiles ( LVT )

LVT or Luxury Vinyl Tile is an innovative design of vinyl flooring. It is becoming an increasingly popular and affordable alternative to wood or stone. The realistic look of either wood, stone or ceramic tile is extremely hard wearing and resilient to daily wear and tear. It has a scratch resistant surface and waterproof making it ideal for any room in your home. The LVT is made up of multiple thin layers so that the flooring is still flexible but very durable and easy to look after. One fantastic thing about Luxury Vinyl Tile is that it is available in variety of different effects. For example, wood planks or even ceramic tiles and stone. The wood plank effect LVT is in the shape and form of a plank of wood. It can be found with different species of wood, colours and grain patterns, all which look very realistic and authentic. You will also be able to find different plank widths and lengths to suit the requirements and décor of your room. The stone and tile effect LVT is just as realistic with uniform sized tiles and choices of colour and style including dark grey slate tiles through to cream and beige ceramic effect tiles.