Standard terms and conditions apply which are available upon request



Orders will only be accepted subject to these terms and conditions of sales. The terms and conditions set out apply to any contract or order accepted for the supply or supply and fitting of carpets, flooring or goods purchased from the company. “The company” refers to Oakhive Carpet Contractors Ltd Trading as Oakhive Carpets and Flooring.


50% deposit payment required with all orders unless otherwise stated. Agreed balances are payable on completion by bank transfer or cheque.


Until full payment has been received by the company all goods on the order will remain the property of the company.


Are not fixed and are subject to current costs of materials, labour and tax. Do not include cutting of doors, uplifting of existing floor coverings, making good floors, moving of furniture or appliances or metal edges, trims, door thresholds or scotia unless otherwise stated.


Whilst every effort is made to execute orders promptly, The Company cannot accept liability arising from delay, however caused. Where possible, we will inform our customers of any delay.

A difficult entry to the property will only be attempted with authority from the customer.


Every effort is made to ensure we keep to our fitting and delivery appointments. However times cannot be guaranteed so if any are given they are only approximate as previous jobs may take longer than anticipated or other unforeseen circumstances may delay the fitter. Should any delay occur we will reschedule the fitting or delivery for the soonest available time agreed. The Company reserve the right to charge an additional fitting fee should they be given less than 24hrs notice for cancellation/change of an installation date by the customer.


Cancellations cannot be accepted for orders after goods have been cut or despatched by manufacturer nor special orders if manufacture has begun.


Whilst every effort is made to supply carpets to the correct specification, slight variations are unavoidable. The British standards Institute Tolerance is & or 1.25% either way (BS3655:1974), All carpets are sold to manufacturers tolerances on width and length which allows +-1 ¼%.

Claims for shortages will not be entered into if goods have been cut. Carpets/flooring should therefore be inspected prior to cutting.

All carpets and flooring should be inspected prior to cutting to ensure that the correct pattern, colour, quality and dimensions have been received.


The company guarantees the carpet not to wear out during the period specified on the sample, providing it has been correctly fitted in correctly recommended areas and subjected only to domestic use. Wear is measured where an area of more than 6 square inches is completely worn through to the backing. The company will replace the carpet making an allowance to the value of the unexpired period of guarantee, against the cost of supplying a replacement carpet. This guarantee applies only to carpet wear. Carpet damage, resulting from poor installation, lack of regular cleaning/maintenance, over cleaning or improper use is excluded.


All carpets, are liable to shading (showing light and dark areas arising from unequal crushing of the surface pile) this is not a manufacturing fault and is inherent characteristic of the style of carpet. Lines may show due to storage of carpet on a pole, this will however subside over time.


Whilst every effort is made to ensure satisfaction, exact colour /design matching cannot be guaranteed between different widths of floor coverings due to manufacturers tolerances (+-5%) over which we have no control. Neither can exact matching be guaranteed between the carpet supplied and the sample in store. Seems/joins cannot guarantee to be invisible.


Carpets are liable to stretch or shrink in certain conditions and is not considered a manufacturing defect. Wool carpets are likely to shed fibres in the early stages and berber carpets may pill, again this is not a defect.


We do not include the cost of easing or trimming of doors. We can assist if required in obtaining the service of a carpenter to whom payment for the work on the door should be made direct.


Where sub floors need smoothing using screeding materials or ply board, it cannot be guaranteed that existing undulations or changes in subfloor heights will not still be noticeable. This may be more so between different types of subfloor (wood and concrete) or where walls have been removed.


Although every effort is made to gather all information required during site surveys we are only able to carry out limited assessments if existing floor coverings are still fitted. We accept no liability for the condition of a subfloor that is not correctly prepared or not prepared by ourselves.


All desks and work areas are to be cleared. The company will not be responsible for the removal of computers, VDU’s or any other equipment. Rooms are to be cleared of furniture and appliances where possible unless stated at point of sale. The company will not be responsible for damage caused to furniture, equipment or ornaments. The company will not be responsible for disconnection or reconnection of water/gas/ electric to appliances.


The company cannot accept responsibility for any damage incurred to sub floors whilst securing new materials to the floors.

The company cannot accept responsibility for any damage incurred to walls, paintwork, decorations and furniture.

The company cannot be responsible for damage to unsecured cables or wires, nor for pipes or cables below the surface of sub floors.


The company will not be held responsible for delays in completion of works caused by other trades or any circumstances outside its control.


All goods are at the risk of the customer as soon as they are delivered or collected, but the property and ownership of the goods will not pass until payment in full has been received by the company.

Complaints Policy

We always endeavour to provide the best service and products for our customers. However, on rare occasions, we recognise that there may be times where our customers may not be completely satisfied. As soon as possible after the completion of the works, please inspect the work to ensure everything has been carried out to our usual high standards. In the unlikely event there is anything you are not completely satisfied with, please contact us as soon as you can in order that we can rectify any problems as soon as possible. Either call us on 01622 718241 or email us via:

Product Guarantees

We are responsible for ensuring that the goods we supply are of satisfactory quality, conform to the sample and are fit for the purpose for which they are sold. Certain products have additional guarantees provided by us or the manufacturer. Where they are provided by the manufacturer, we accept no responsibility for these additional warranties or guarantees. All manufacturers’ wear guarantees do not relate to the appearance of the product but are specifically in relation to being ‘threadbare’. The appearance of your flooring may deteriorate or vary depending upon your usage, demands and aftercare.


Areas over 15 square metres, unless stated otherwise, should be fully stuck down using a suitable adhesive. Your vinyl floor covering should not be laid on top of existing vinyl flooring, laminate or tiles unless stated it is permissible to do so. For areas under 15 sqm, a perimeter stick on two sides will suffice.

All vinyl flooring is cut at 10cm intervals with a minimum order length of 1.20 metre. All sizes are approximate and within a tolerance of plus or minus 1.25% in accordance with British Standard BS3655. If your room is close to the nominal width of the vinyl please allow extra material.

Laminate Flooring & Luxury Vinyl Tile

Our samples show only a small part of the overall design as this will have been taken from a larger piece. There may be a significant variation in the colour and design of your floor due to the random nature which occurs with wood and other natural materials, from which the design has been taken. We believe this enhances the natural look and overall appearance of our floors.

The supplier’s fitting and maintenance instructions should be carefully followed to prevent swelling of the joints or other expansion problems. Laminate flooring will be affected by moisture and wet mopping is therefore not recommended.

Whilst many of the products we sell are available to purchase in square metres, our luxury vinyl tile and laminate flooring are purchased by the box. When estimating appropriate floor coverage for your installation approximately 5% (rounded up to the nearest box) will need to

be added to your order to allow for colour matching between boxes and wastage during fitting. If you have a surplus box or two after fitting, we would suggest these be stored on a flat dry surface for future use. These are often useful to be kept should an accident occur enabling you to swap a couple of planks or tiles. We are unable to offer refunds for left over boxes.